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Mighty Ducks: Nosedive's Music Page!

Nosedive's Music and Sounds!

Yo! Dive here. Welcome to my music page. Lesseee...I got some of my favorite music here, including the theme to MY awsome show. ::grins:: Actually, there's all 'sorts' of different music, a little something for everyone if you look around. Got anything you want to hear? Let me know and I'll see what I can do. There's also some rockin' sound clips from the show toward the bottom. Enjoy the room and *don't* step on any of my comic books!!

Newest updates inlcude:
New music everywhere, check it out! :)

Mighty Duck Oriented Music

MD:TAS Theme Song Only the beginning is working now, I'll link to the full version later on

MD:TAS Theme Lyrics!

We Will Rock You ~Queen a midi file shouldn't take too long.

Dance Music

3AM~Matchbox 20 midi file

Another Night ~Real McCoy midi file

Beautiful Stranger ~Madonna midi file

Bills,Bills, Bills ~Destiny's Childmidi file

B*tch~Meredith Brooks midi file

Breathe ~Prodigy midi file

Can't Get Enough of You Baby ~Smash Mouth midi file

Cats in the Cradle~?midi file

Children ~? midi file

Everybody ~Backstreet Boys midi file

Freedom ~? midi file

Genie in a Bottle ~Christina Aguilera midi file

Hotel California ~The Eagles midi file

If You Had My Love ~Jennifer Lopez midi file

It's a Beautiful Life ~Ace of Base midi file

Every Morning ~Sugar Ray midi file

Fly Away ~Lenny Kravitz midi file

Gettin' Jiggy with it ~Will Smith midi file

I'm Just a Girl ~No Doubt midi file

I Want You Back ~? midi file

Livin' La Vida Loca ~Ricky Martain midi file

Machine Head ~Bush midi file

Mambo No. 5 ~Lou Bega midi file

Move This~Technotronicmidi file

Never Ever ~All Saints midi file

No Rain~Blind Melonmidi file

No Scrubs ~TLC midi file

Popcorn~Hot Buttermidi file

Ray of Light ~Madonna midi file

Red, Red Wine~UB40midi file

Save Tonight ~Eagle Eye Cherry midi file

Slide ~Goo Goo Dolls midi file

Smooth ~Santana midi file

Spiderwebs ~No Doubt midi file

That don't Impress Me Much ~Shania Twain midi file

Time of your Life ~GreenDay midi file

Together Again~Janet Jackson midi file

Torn ~Natalie Imbrulia midi file

Tribal Dance ~2 Unlimited midi file

Walking in the Sun ~Smash Mouth midi file

Walking on Broken Glass ~? midi file

Wannabe ~Spice Girls midi file

What's my Age Again? ~?midi file

Where do you go ~No Mercy midi file

Whoomp There is Is~Tag Teammidi file

100% Pure Love ~Crystal Waters midi file

70's Music

Don't Go Breakin' My Heart ~Elton John and ? midi file

Funky Town ~? midi file

Ino Goda Da Vida ~Iron Butterfly midi file

I Will Survive~Gloria Gaynor midi file

Lady Marmalade~? midi file

Light my Fire~The Doorsmidi file

Oh What a Night~? midi file

Thriller ~Michael Jackson midi file

Slow Jams

Un-Break My Heart ~Toni Braxton midi file

You Make Me Wanna.. ~Usher midi file

One Moment in Time~? midi file

TV and Movie Themes

Animaniacs Theme midi file

An American Tale(Somewhere out there) midi file

Back to the Future Theme midi file

Batman Forever: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me midi file

Beauty and the Beast Title song(Tale as Old as Time) midi file

Belle(Beauty and the Beast) midi file

Beverly Hills 90210 Theme midi file

Darkwing Duck theme midi file

Dr. Who Theme midi file

Fame Theme midi file

Friends Theme midi file

Gargoyles Theme midi file

i2i(A Goofy Movie) midi file

James Bond Theme midi file

Jurassic Park Theme midi file

Knight Rider midi file

The Lion King Title song(Can you Feel the Love Tonight) midi file

Miami Vice Theme midi file

Mission Impossible Theme midi file

Neverending Story Theme midi file

Raiders of the Lost Ark Theme midi file

Rocky: Eye of the Tiger midi file

Scooby Dooby Do!! midi file

Star Wars: Cantina midi file

Star Wars: Duel of the Fates midi file

Star Wars: A New Hope Intro midi file

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle thememidi file

Under the Sea ~ the Little Mermaid midi file


Beetlejuice! midi file

Blade Runner midi file

Enter Sandman midi file

Ghostbusters Theme midi file

It's Halloween midi file

Monster Mash, The midi file

Nightmare Before Christmas Theme midi file

Night on Bald Mountain midi file

Time Warp, The midi file

Twillight Zone, The (Original Series) midi file

Seline's Section

::Nosedive runs!:: "No NO!, she forced me into giving her a section! Country...oy.."

*Seline hmfs and throws a bag of itching powder after Dive" Country is good!!!! Anyways, I have alot of Celtic here too, Enya in particular...::starts humming "Only If"::

Orinoco Flow~Enya midi file

The Sun in the Stream~Enya midi file

Only If~Enya midi file

The Mummers Dance~Loreena McKennitt midi file

The Light in your Eyes~Leann Rimes midi file

Passionate Kisses~Mary Chapin Carpenter Seline: if I hear SINGLE comment from anybody about the name of this song, I'll throttle them...don't look at me like that!

There goes my Baby~Trisha Yearwood wav file

Strawberry Wine~Deana Carter wav file

Like the Rain~Clint Black wav file

Mighty Duck Sounds

"Ducks Rock!"

"Mighty Ducks; we take a knockin' and keep rockin'."Nosedive

"Humans are such a bunch of -ooooo!- people!!"Nosedive

"Snooza palooza girly-girl!"Nosedive

"Oh faboo! I haven't been in a life threatening situation for, I dunno, ten seconds?!"Nosedive

"I'll handle these rookies."Duke L`Orange

"That could be a little tricky!"Tanya

"Punch it, Nosedive."Wildwing

"Wildwing, boobala..." "No." "Whaddya mean 'no'?! You haven't even heard the deal yet!" "Read. My. Beak." Phil and Wildwing

*note* While all of the other headers on thi website were hand drawn by me, this one wasn't. It's a coloring book scan, but I colored it, and made it look spiffy, I claim it as mine now...so, no stealing!! ;)